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Post #9: Infographic Creation

Your Task: Create an infographic, using a free infographic-creation program on the Internet, based on ONE of the five stories from KSPA competitions below.  Each one contains statistics and they were created for the purpose of making infographics.  I recommend that you glance over all five and choose the one that you are most interested in.

Requirements: Your infographic must contain:

  • A headline (main point)
  • A short text summary explaining WHAT the infographic is showing (secondary point)
  • A chart or graph of some sort depicting information from the story (supporting details)
  • 2-3 dominant colors
  • Graphic objects/pictures/clip art/shapes that support the content from the chart/text summary and/or help viewers understand how to read the infographic (arrows, circles, squares, triangles, etc) … use the graphic elements found in the infographic-creation software itself

Other than that, the sky is the limit for how you can add creativity to your infographic!  Many of these programs are very powerful.

Infographic Creation: There are many free tools for creating infographics online, but the one that we’ve found to be easiest is Piktochart.  Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner of the home page, then select “Try the New Version!”.  From there, click “Create an Account” below the sign-in fields.  Once you’re signed in, choose one of the seven theme options and then click “Pick Theme” to open it up and start editing.  There is a demo walk-through to show you how it works after you login, if you want to some guidance before you start!


  1. Use the KSPA links above to choose which story/set of data you want to use
  2. Spend some time planning out your infographic on paper … ideally, what would you want it to look like, given the requirements above?  The more planning you do, the easier it will be to create it.
  3. Look through the infographic creation tools and select the one you like the best.
  4. Create your infographic!
  5. Use the Snipping Tool to take a screen shot of your graphic and save it to the Student Shared Drive as a JPG in the “Infographics” folder OR download it as a JPG file, if that creation website allows you to do so, and save it in the same location.
  6. Upload your JPG to your blog as Post #9, using the “Add Media” button that we used to add the links to your podcasts for Post #8, but this time you just choose “Insert Media” instead of “Insert from URL” and upload the picture directly to your post.
  7. Write a reflection of 80-100 words that explains:
    1. Why you designed your infographic the way you did
    2. Why you chose the graphic elements and colors that you did
    3. Your evaluation of the website you used to create the infographic — Was it easy or hard to use?  Why?  Would you recommend it to others?  Why or why not?

Grading: I will use this rubric to evaluate your infographics, as described below:

  • The “Exceeds Expectations” column is worth 5 points, “Meets Expectations” is worth 4 points, and “Needs More Work” is worth 3 points.
  • I will only use the following categories to evaluate your infographic post: Topic, Type, Objects, Data Visualizations, Fonts, Colors, Layout … thus, the infographic itself is worth 35 points
  • Additionally, your post summary is worth 10 points and the plan on paper for your infographic is worth 5 points
  • So, the entire assignment is worth 50 points in the Projects category
  • PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTORS IN THE RUBRIC so you understand how I will grade each category.

The infographic and Post #9 are due at the end of class on Monday, April 15.  If you are not done with your plan by the end of class on Friday, please finish planning your infographic this weekend so you can spend our class on Monday actually creating it.

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